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People who want to watch Fox News Channel already watch it. All others are offended by their approach to the "news." I am sure Bill Gates would not support Bing's featuring of Fox News.

Please get the message down to whoever sets up news features in Bing. Thank you. Now another complaint, about pissedcomsumer! Insisting on 100 words works against those of us who can come to the point.

Enough verbiage already! Wow, only 71. Let's see, there is the one about the Senator trying to filibuster a Supreme Court appointment.

He starts reading from the DC phone book. Another Senator objects and the first Senator says he is merely reading other names who are more qualified for the court.

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Bing has always been the lowest web provider. their parking domains are full of hackers. They always have virus ware and they have internet nuisances running the place


You must really miss getting your "unbiased" news from Pravda.

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