I never requested Bing. It just showed up o. My PC and other devices. I can not get rid of it and I tried everything.

In addition to this Bing interferes with your life and interrupts my work and personal life. A few months ago I promised myself to use it again. I stupidly did. I searched for "crazy quilts." A page came up but immediately a map of the USA showed up a d took over the screen. It to me about five minutes to get rid of it. I had previously disabled and blocked the map function.

This my second time writing this. When I hit the Send button and it immediately disappeared. I received a message in red letters saying it could not be sent at that time.

I have always bought Microsoft products but no more. These same complaints have been posted since at least 2009 and they still exist

I'm actually quite irritated with myself for taking all this time to write this because it is hopeless.

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